Unconventional Cleaning Solutions You Didn’t Know You Had

Unconventional household cleaning solutions blog post photoWhen it comes to cleaning on a whim or tight schedule, running to the store for the right cleaning solution can be a hassle. But you may have just the right thing for your cleaning needs, and be unaware of it. Here is a list of common household items that can be used to clean your home or office:

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a great natural cleaning solution for your dishwasher. Just use 1/2 cup in the detergent cup and run a complete cycle with the washer empty. If you don’t have white vinegar, about three tablespoons of lemon-flavored Kool-aide can also work, as well as powdered laundry bleach.

Coffee Grounds

If your fridge is giving off a funky smell, simply place coffee grounds into a bowl and onto a shelf in the fridge. The grounds can be either used or unused, but should be replaced every couple of months if you decide to leave them long-term.


A cup of mouthwash can be mixed with a gallon of water to create a great solution for mopping your vinyl or tile floor. Be careful not to use it on wood floors, though!


Believe it or not, white bread can be used to gently remove dust from paintings or photos hanging on your walls. Remove the crust from the bread, roll it into a ball and lightly touch the bread to the surface until the dough-ball is covered with dust. Then repeat the process until clean.


Do you have brass that has lost its luster? Use ketchup to bring it back to life! Squeeze some ketchup from the bottle onto a rag and polish the brass. Then use a dry cloth to remove the ketchup from the surface and enjoy your shiny new brass.


If you’ve got a mud-stained linen item, potatoes are your new best friend. Cut a potato in half, rub the cut end on the muddy spot, rinse the linen in water and put it in with your next load of laundry. The results might surprise you!

Hair Spray

If you’ve got kids, you know they love to color outside of the lines–on the walls even. Hair spray can help you remove marker from most surfaces. Spray the hair spray on the affected area and immediately wipe it away. To remove the tough crayon wax from walls and other canvases your children have chosen to decorate around the house, scrub with a toothbrush and toothpaste or a rag and baking soda.


Rings in your toilet bowl can be hard to scrub and messy. Instead, put two antacids into the bowl and let them sit for about twenty minutes. Come back and scrub with ease. If no antacids area available, emptying a can of Coca-Cola into the bowl can be effective if left for an hour.

Dryer Sheets

Scrubbing pots and pans has to be one of the most labor-intensive jobs in the kitchen when food is stuck to them. Use dryer sheets to remove the food from pots and pans by letting them sit in the pots with water over night. Removing the stuck food from pots and pans will be as easy as a sponge swipe the next day.


If your kids break a glass, use their Play-Doh to clean up the tiny shards and protect their feet. Simply roll up a ball of Play-Doh and use it to pick up the tiny pieces of glass that you can’t quite grab or see. Then, wrap it up and throw it away safely. You might do this while the kids are out of sight; I’m sure they wouldn’t take kindly to seeing their precious Play-Doh used in such a way!


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