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Summer has slipped away in what seems like the blink of an eye, and the cool breezes of Fall have taken the place of Summer’s one-hundred-degree days. With the Fall season comes a whole new list of home maintenance chores, both inside and outside of the home. It’s a good idea to clean regularly, but we generally recommend a deep cleaning at the beginning of each season for good measure. We’ll leave the leaves to you, but we’ve got you covered for the indoor to-dos with this deep cleaning checklist.

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Start at the Top

As with all home cleanings, it’s best to start at the top and work your way down to the bottom, so let’s get started!

☐ If you have an attic, start there. Rearrange, organize and dust. Now might be a good time to take down those Fall decorations if you haven’t already!

☐ Clean all light fixtures attached to the ceiling.

☐ Check the upper corners of each room for cobwebs

☐ Dust ceiling fans and clean the fan blades.

☐ Dust blinds and curtains. Wash them if necessary.

☐ Pull out the washer and dryer, fridge, and other large appliances to clean underneath them.

☐ Dust computer screens, printers and other electronics.

☐ Clean the fireplace.

☐ Remove all cushions from furniture and vacuum underneath. Wash the covers if possible.

☐ Check the air filters in your A/C and replace if necessary.

☐ Clean and organize the garage.


The Kitchen

☐ Give the inside of the oven a good scrub, along with the top of the stove.

☐ Reorganize the contents of kitchen cabinets and wipe them down inside and out.

☐ Clean out the fridge and freezer. Soak shelves in warm, soapy water and wipe them down. Discard old food.

☐ Throw out expired spices and condiments.

☐ Place baking soda in the back of the fridge to deodorize.

☐ Clean the coil of the fridge.

☐ Clean the drip pan under the refrigerator.

☐ Reorganize and clean the pantry. Discard any expired foods.

☐ Wipe down shelves in the pantry and vacuum/sweep/mop floor.

☐ Clean the trashcan and wipe down the area with disinfectant.

☐ Place lemon slices and ice cubes into the garbage disposal. Run disposal for a fresh smell and sharper blades.

☐ Clean all counter tops, using polish for a sparkle and shine if possible.

☐ Polish and shine all silver dishes and utensils.



☐ Wash all bedding, duvet covers, and mattress pads.

☐ Rotate the mattresses for even wear.

☐ Clean and organize the closets.

☐ Unpack warm winter clothing and pack away summer clothing.

☐ Organize/dust/sweep/vacuum/mop each room.

☐ Replace any burned out light bulbs.

☐ Wash rugs and blankets.



☐ Scrub the bathtub and surrounding tile to clean grime and soap scum.

☐ Stock toilet paper, fresh towels, and soap.

☐ Clean the trashcans and disinfect the surrounding area.

☐ Scrub the toilet and clean any stains in the toilet bowl.

☐ Replace toothbrushes.

☐ Clean soap holders and toothbrush holders.

☐ Polish all light fixtures.

☐ Clean all counter tops

☐ Mop/Sweep/Vacuum

☐ Clean or replace shower curtains.

☐ Clean the shower head


Misc. Indoor

☐ Dust/Vacuum all window sills, baseboards and trim.

☐ Dust bookshelves and other decor.

☐ Clean the carpets and rugs.

☐ Clean all interior windows.

☐ Polish all furniture


Outside the House

☐ Check seals and caulking around doors and windows.

☐ Clean outside windows.

☐ Pressure wash the house.

☐ Clean out gutters and downspouts.

☐ Touch up paint blemishes.

☐ Check the dryer exhaust pipe for blockages.

☐ Clean outdoor furniture.

☐ Clean the barbecue grill and utensils.

☐ Clean outdoor light fixtures and replace burned out bulbs.

☐ Drain water hoses and roll them up neatly.













When you have completed this list, you can take a much deserved break and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are officially ready for Fall! If you’re worried you won’t have the time to complete this checklist, consider giving us a call. Our professional home cleaning team will make sure everything is in tip-top shape for you and your family, and you won’t have to lift a finger! If you live in our service area near Denton, Texas, call (940) 735-6672 for a free quote. Our staff is trained to uphold the highest standards of cleaning using all-natural cleaning solutions and completing the job with integrity. Click the button below to schedule your appointment now!

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