Don’t worry about cleaning this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and soon people everywhere will be scrambling for last-minute gifts for their significant others. What better gift to give than a clean home?

You won’t have to lift a finger or shed a drop of sweat, either. You can simply schedule your home cleaning online or over the phone by calling (940) 735-6672. This Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat. Treat your sweetheart and yourself to an exceptionally-clean home with no hassle.

While a professional home cleaning doesn’t have to be the only Valentine’s gift given this year, it certainly is the icing on the cake. And don’t worry – it’s affordable!

You know that feeling when you come home and your special someone has already done all the dishes and chores? Our professional home cleaning services are sure to give the same effect. So sit back and breathe easy this Valentine’s Day; we’ll handle the work while you enjoy yourself.


Having Valentine’s Day at the house? No problem.

Are you planning a romantic Valentine’s dinner at home? Don’t worry. Our cleaning professionals are hand picked based not only upon their skills, but also upon their courteousness and politeness.

You could have guests over while we are cleaning and the only way they’d know we were there would be by the sparkle and shine of your beautiful, clean home. Still want a private night in? Simply schedule your cleaning appointment around your plans, and we’ll be sure to have everything spick-and-span by the time your rendezvous begins. Tell us about your schedule and we will certainly accommodate you!


We love the environment – yours too!

When you schedule a professional home cleaning with us, you won’t arrive to a home smelling of harsh chemicals and fumes. Rather, you’ll arrive to the fresh, clean smell of citrus. That’s because here at Universal Cleaning Company, we only use natural cleaning products – no harsh chemicals like bleach.

We care about the environment, both inside your home and out. It is our belief that the home is best kept with natural products as they are not only better for the environment in and around your home, but also for you and your loved ones. With our cleaning services, you won’t have to keep watch over your furry family members or small children. Schedule with confidence!


It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Most households have at least a rough schedule of when they plan to deep clean, usually somewhere between once per month to once every three months. Sure, you may simply give this gift for Valentine’s Day, but its benefits will far outlive those roses you’ll have to throw out after a week or two.

Not to mention, a worn-out Valentine’s date is not often a fun one, but a clean home sure does set the tone for romance! Just another great reason to schedule a professional home cleaning for your special someone this Valentine’s Day.


Treat every day like it’s Valentine’s Day!

Once you see the sparkle and courtesy of our services, you’ll want to treat every day like Valentine’s Day! A clean home is a great gift to give that often goes overlooked by many, but those who realize what a treat it is will continue to treat themselves and their loved ones to professional home cleanings for years to come!

Give the gift of a clean home for birthdays, celebrations, Christmas, anniversaries, or just because. It’s always just as sweet. Get in touch with us and we’ll go above and beyond for you and your loved one this Valentine’s Day.



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