Have Crystal-Clear Windows with this Homemade Cleaner

glass-cleaningFor many home owners, glass is always one of the toughest surfaces to clean. Many glass-cleaning methods and solutions result in streaks or residue being left behind on your windows, leaving them looking worse than they did before.

Some of the best glass cleaning solutions we have used are so simple yet work incredibly well. You might be surprised to know that these glass cleaning solutions are easily made at home!

Ready to get streak-free, crystal-clear glass without even leaving your home? Let’s get started.


Materials Needed:glass

• Spray Bottle

• Squeegee

• Lint-Free Rag


Ingredients Needed:

• White Vinegar

• Alcohol

• Dish Soap


Fill the empty spray bottle with 1 cup white vinegar, 1 1/2 cups alcohol and 2 drops of dish soap. Mix well.


Streak-Free Cleaning Method:

1. Spray the homemade cleaning solution onto the glass.

2. If the glass is very dirty, use the sponge or scrubbing side of the squeegee to remove buildup or residue.

3. With the other side of the squeegee, start at the top of the glass and swipe downward. With each stroke, wipe the squeegee blade clean with the lint-free rag.

If done correctly, there should be no streaks and your glass should be clean and streak-free! If there are streaks in your glass, it’s a good sign that the squeegee was not cleaned well enough before applying a new stroke. Repeat steps 1 through 3 and be sure to clean the squeegee very well so there is no moisture on it before applying another stroke.


Not using our homemade solution? Here are some other ways to avoid streaks in your glass:

Use Distilled Water

Are you diluting your cleaning solution? If so, it’s important to use distilled water or else you may end up with streaky glass again. Distilled water will ensure there are no minerals that will create a buildup of residue or streaks on the glass.

Avoid Suds

If you are using soap in your glass cleaning solution, be sure to minimize the amount. Soap creates suds that can make some of the worst streaks you’ve ever seen!

Don’t Use Paper Towels

Paper towels are probably the most commonly used glass cleaning cloth and without good reason. In fact, paper towels are about the worst drying cloth you can use on your glass. Paper towels are notorious for leaving streaks—not just streaks, but streaks with lint in them! If you don’t have a lint-free cloth handy, an old newspaper is a much better option than paper towels.

Buff the Glass

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how perfectly you follow these directions, the streaks just won’t go away. In this case, use a microfiber cloth to go back over the (dry) glass and wipe out the streaks. It’s a very easy task and gets the job done.


We hope you will find these tips useful and have great success cleaning glass without streaks in your next cleaning session! Need some cleaning done? Live in the Denton County, Texas area? Give us a call and we’ll have your home squeaky clean.


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