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How many times have you thought to yourself, “I wish I didn’t have to clean this” or “I would love to have a maid right now, ?” We’ve all been there as a busy home owner, but few of us have actually put these words into action. Why is that? Maybe it’s a fear of letting someone else into your home, or likely because we think we can’t afford it. The truth is that, for many home owners, hiring a maid service is not so far out of reach, and the risks are slim to none when hiring a reputable cleaning company with strict hiring practices with the proper background screening.

At Universal Cleaning Company in Flower Mound, we conduct in-depth background checks on every one of our employees before hiring them. Once hired, our maids will go through a rigorous training process based around customer service, professional cleaning tactics, manners, and friendliness for the home owner’s comfort. What’s more, we clean the homes of people from all walks of life and economic situations, because hiring a reputable maid service in Flower Mound is likely much more affordable than you might think. So, now that you know, drop us a line for a free quote! Still not convinced on hiring a professional maid service? Let’s look at a few more reasons to give it some consideration.

Hiring a Maid will help free up your busy schedule. 

There are a hundred things you have to do throughout the day, and unless you’re one of those people who uses cleaning as an activity to unwind after a long day, cleaning is one thing you’d love to cross off of your to-do list. Maybe you have guests coming to visit, but you’re stuck working and won’t have time to clean – with a maid on call, it’s no problem. There are thousands of scenarios where a maid can be a life saver and turn an otherwise stressful day into a relaxing one, but it all comes down to this: hiring a maid service takes a huge load off of your shoulders. At Universal Cleaning Company in Flower Mound, we offer a full range of house cleaning services and  landscaping services. Imagine if you came home to a beautiful home and lawn every day and never had to lift a finger! What would you do with all of that extra time on your hands?



Our maids specialize in cleaning your home with the most efficient and effective cleaning techniques learned through years of experience and training. Odds are, our maids can get more done in an hour than you would be able to in an afternoon, and they’ll get your home more clean than you would be able to on your own. That may sound a bit harsh, but it’s a simple fact that most people don’t think about. What this means is that when you hire a maid, you’re getting much more than what you normally would accomplish in an hour – you’re getting years of experience, fast and effective cleaning. It all boils down to more bang for your buck, and more time for you to do what you are best at or enjoy that hobby you have been too busy for lately.


Your Time is Valuable.

Let’s say, as an example, that you can get the entire house clean from top to bottom in five hours, and our maids can do it in two. That’s a three hour difference. What could you be doing in those three hours that would be a better (more valuable) use of your time than cleaning? If you’re a busy businessman, your time is valuable. In the three hours you’d save by hiring a maid, you’d likely be able to earn much more than the cost of a maid service, so it makes more financial sense for you to hire a maid in this situation. Just as we’re professionals at cleaning with years of expertise, you are a professional in your own field and can perform your duties to a much higher degree and in a much shorter amount of time than someone who is not a professional in that field. For most home owners, it pays to hire a maid service because it frees up hours of time that can be put to better use elsewhere, whether that’s running a business, enjoying a hobby, or spending more time with family. We’ll do what we’re best at while you do what you are best at. It’s a win-win!


Frequent Cleaning.

When you hire a maid service, it’s on a recurring (contract) basis more often than not. We recommend going with a contract because it not only gives you discounted pricing, but it also ensures that you will have regular cleanings and will come home to a spotless home every day. What could be better than that? At the end of a long day of hard work, to know that you don’t have to clean up when you get home is a comfort and convenience that just can’t quite be put into words. Do you host family gatherings for holidays? Imagine not having to do a thing in preparation for the visit. Have small children? Picture not having to pick up after them anymore, and all the time you’d spend with your children. Our advice? Give it a try. Once you see the benefits (and great value) of hiring a maid in the home, you’ll never go back.   Still not convinced? See what some actual home owners had to say about hiring a maid service:

When I lived in a small house with 3 messy guys (with hearts of GOLD), splitting the cost of a biweekly house cleaner saved us from so many roommate disagreements. It was worth it to preserve our friendship.” – Dani


“Yes, yes, 100x yes. Our house cleaner comes every Thursday. Worth every penny for several reasons.

Reason #1 – We just moved into this house (new construction) and there are several houses still being built which means that there is a constant barrage of dust coming into our house. Weekly furnace filter changes is almost a requirement.

Reason #2 – The new house is about 1000 sq ft bigger than our old one. It took me over two hours just to vacuum. I don’t have time for that noise.

Reason #3 – We both work, have kids with activities, etc. I don’t want to have to worry about spending half of the waking hours on the weekends cleaning. I do daily tidying up each night, the kids do their stuff and the wife does some things. That way the cleaning lady can do the deep cleaning and the house stays clean all week.” – Benny

“Know thyself. My cleaners clean much better than my wife or I would be able, or would care to. Once a month is a good fit for our budget and preferred maintenance on our part.” – Dan. T

I originally felt guilty hiring a house cleaner, but it was so worth it. I handle the day to day cleaning and she comes in every three weeks and does the tasks that need to be done every so often like scrubbing the tub and sink and dusting. It’s just enough to take off the edge and keep balance in the household.” – Dave Greenbaum

The last comment mentions feeling “guilty” about hiring a house cleaner. This seems to be a common feeling among home owners who have never hired a maid before. Many people feel it may make them seem lazy, but let’s look at it this way: we pay cooks and waiters to serve us food when we eat at a restaurant, we pay someone else to make our clothing when we go shopping, we pay to have our cars washed, and we pay to have someone else to grow our food when we buy groceries. It is no different when hiring a maid service, so keep that in mind!

At Universal Cleaning Company, we hire the best of the best, and we train them to perform their cleaning duties in the most effective and efficient ways. When you hire our maids to clean your home in Flower Mound, you can rest comfortably as we clean your home knowing that each and every one of our maids has had a background check performed and that Universal Cleaning Company is fully insured for the safety of the home owner and our staff. Our number one concern is our clients’ safety and comfort, and we strive to make it the perfect experience for you!

If you are thinking about hiring a maid service in Flower Mound, get in touch with us for a free quote. We’ll talk you through the details and answer all of your questions, and there’s no obligation. For questions or to schedule a cleaning service in Flower Mound, call us at (940) 735-6672 or click the “Schedule Now” button below.

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