10 Ways to Plan for Spring Landscaping

Spring LandscapingWinter can feel pretty gloom for those of us who love to spend time outside grooming the lawn and planting flowers. The upside is that the Winter months give us a much needed break to plan for our Spring landscaping projects! So, we’ve put together this list of a few things you can begin planning for so you’ll be ready to jump back into action as soon as Spring hits. The more prepared you are, the faster your grounds will spring back to life!


Plan for the pests

There’s no worse feeling than putting in hours of hard work, only to find your lawn or flower beds destroyed by pests. It’s important to know what you’re up against in your local area and plan accordingly so this doesn’t happen. If you live in the country, you might focus on preventing armadillos from entering your yard. Those who live in urban areas wouldn’t normally have to worry about armadillos, but maybe stray animals or moles. Think about your area and the pests that pose a threat to your beautiful landscape.



Find your inspiration

Sometimes it can be difficult to get out of the Winter blues and start thinking creatively about your Spring plans. Whether you browse beautiful landscaping photos online or get out in the neighborhood and look for ideas, it’s important to find your inspiration for motivation and new landscaping ideas.



Know the local climate

Before buying plants and planning for your Spring landscaping, think about the climate in your local area. Be sure to buy the correct plants for your home and area with respect to how much sunlight, shade and watering they might require for proper growth. Also note which part of your lawn receives how much sunlight throughout the day and for how long.

Know the climate—Landscaping Tips


Plan ahead

Do you have a good idea of what project you want to tackle this Spring? Take the time to plan measurements, plant species and exact amounts of how much mulch and how many plants you will need. This will take the load off when the sun begins to shine so you can get right to it! If you plan to recruit the help of a professional, get with them ahead of time to book their work.

Landscaping Supplies—Landscaping Tips


Plant at the right time

Every plant species benefits from being planted at a specific time of year. Plants are expensive, and we certainly want to impress our neighbors with our ‘green thumb,’ so pay special attention to the time of year your plants are recommended for planting. If it doesn’t say on the tag, make sure to talk to local horticulturists, gardeners and nurseries to see what they recommend for your plants in question.

Plant at the right time—Landscaping Tips


Plan for placement

Think about what plants will look right in what spot. For instance, you probably don’t want to plant a very tall plant in a place that will block the view of your home. Instead, plan to put them somewhere they can be better utilized away from the from of your home. Also consider appropriate spacing for footpaths and safety for those who may be walking near by. Don’t forget to plan for the future growth of your plants, either! Some may look small but grow to be very large.

Plan for Placement—Landscaping Tips



Part of the love of gardening and landscaping is maintenance. For others who simply enjoy the nice appearance, maintenance can be a chore. Still, it’s a crucial factor to consider when planning for the Spring, like who will be pulling weeds, mowing and edging the lawn, planting, putting out mulch—the list goes on and on. So, even if maintenance isn’t your favorite part of landscaping, it’s still a necessary evil when it comes to planning and there are professionals that can do the job for you if need be.

Maintenance—Landscaping Tips



The best landscapers know that outdoor landscaping enhances the exterior appearance of your home and acts as an extension of that. With this mind set, it becomes clear that we must choose plants that compliment the exterior colors and lines of our homes in order to make the best possible statement! Modern homes may choose a clean look with smaller flowers and sharp lines, while an old historic home would likely choose water gardens and extravagant colors.

Contrast—Landscaping Tips


Plant maintenance

Continuing the point on maintenance, plant maintenance can be difficult because requirements vary widely between different plant species. If maintenance isn’t your thing, be sure to pick low-maintenance plants to make things easier on yourself, or plan to hire help to trim the bushes and frequently groom the lawn.

maintenance—landscaping tips


Plan for growth

When it comes to choosing plants for specific placement, one of the most important factors to consider is how quickly and how large the plant will grow. Think about how big the plant will be in six months to a year and weigh this with your placement choices to determine if a plant is right for your application. The last thing we want is to plant what we think is a small shrub and end up having to dig up a small tree a year later! Plan ahead and things will be much easier on you.

Plan for growth—Landscaping Tips
Though the winter time can be a real downer for us landscapers and outdoor-lovers, there is always something to look forward to, and the down time can be a real help when it comes to planning for the next season. Keep your chin up, break out the inspiration and drawing board and get ready for the Spring planting season!

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